Public Intervention
Rope, stone and plaster
Variable dimensions
Show at Destinazione Piazza Project
Sassari, Sardinia

"...this project proposes to draw a circle with the traditional method of fixing a point, tying a rope, pulling and shaping a circle. In this case, the fixed point is the monumental statue dedicated to Giuseppe Mazzini and urban space through which the circular line moves, is the emiciclo Garibaldi in Sassari. Two important figures who contributed so much to the political unification of Italy, one from the acceptance of his figure, as was Garibaldi, and the other from hiding until his death, gathered in a circular space. A drawn, real, circle. . . framing metaphorically two key figures in the history of Italy. In short, maybe an anti-monument in the physical sense, but instead, an urban intervention that despite its subtlety, incite the traveler to reflect on their own urban environment, but also on those areas of the city that are losing their political and symbolic values because of being so accustomed to them."

Gloria Picazo