(Wordplay between the meaning of drift and demolish)

Walldrawing and 8 videoprojection installation
Variable dimensions
Video format: HD

Solo show at La Panera Art Center. Lleida, Spain.

"A la derriba raises the idea of changing the architecture through drawing and video, something that happens in previous works like Planetary Union (2010) or Desgrava (2006), proposing two readings: the interior space opens to the outside or inside invades abroad. But this time, it goes further, and generates a genuine physical and mental trompe l'oeil in a large scale. To this end, the side walls of this chamber of twenty columns are displayed cracked, sprinkled with large holes and cracks -made with vinyl electrical tape- through which is filtered the building´s outside landscape, by recording real time scenes in the surrounding streets. These motion pictures reflect exactly what you would see from that point of view if those walls were actually crumbling.

In this case, the urban landscape of the city of Lleida, becomes part of the exhibition hall, metaphor aware of the need for reality to be taken over in certain places, for the street and its language to pollute the still, for some, elitist art space.

The artist proposes how the breaks, motifs that have become important in his later works, are now carried to its logical conclusion in this stunning space converted into a destruction. On the floor, the remains of these demolished false walls are piled, reminiscent of vignette pieces extracted from comics which here are part of this fictious architecture.

No doubt, refer to the idea of ruin, of a decrepit system and of a society, the contemporary, quite disoriented.”

Tania Pardo, Independent Curator. From the text "Demoliciones y Reformas S.L: reinventamos su realidad"